Ok...I'm Tagged

7.01.2009 10:00 AM by MoFis
Usually I will just delete any "Tagged" email. Even though it says that I must respond
or else the sender may think I'm not their friend. I truly believe that our friendship does not require any declaration or network on the Internet because we believe in Ukhwwah FiLlah.. friendship only for the sake of Allah.. Apart from that, I'm just avoiding any social networks such as Facebook, Tagged or as such. There are many more... I'm only a member of Pewaris.net, insyaALLAH a social network that I feel hmmm safe I suppose waAllahualam..

The rule is....

1. copy the picture below, and paste it on your post.
(or.. copy the whole post if you want - up to you... the most important thing is that the message is spread

2. Tag your friends and ask them to do the same.

My Sahabat Ridha Rafhan
, Izzat Ibrahim , Salam , Ammar Amran

My brother Along

That's all.....


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