Islamku Kian Terbakar

7.23.2009 11:43 AM by MoFis

Rasa sedih & pilu pabila membaca kisah umat Islam hari ini yang dengan sengaja dibunuh tanpa belas kasihan. Tak habis dengan berita di Palestin, disambung pula dengan peristiwa di Iran, kini terbit pula episod baru pembunuhan Islam di China.

Chinese state media says more than 100 people have been killed and another 800 people injured in rioting in the far western Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

The violence broke out after a protest on Sunday by ethnic Uighurs - Muslims who accuse the Beijing government of a systematic campaign to dilute and destroy their culture.

Al Jazeera's Melissa Chan reports on the protests, which the government blames on overseas agitators.

Source | Al-Jazeera

Troops deployed in Uighur city

Heavily armed security forces have been deployed on the streets in China's western Xinjiang region and a curfew imposed following days of unrest between ethnic groups and police.

Thousands of angry Han Chinese armed with poles, meat cleavers and other makeshift weapons earlier stormed through Urumqi, the Xinjiang capital, on Tuesday as the city descended into chaos.

Groups of Muslim Uighurs also took to the streets.

Security forces fired tear gas at the crowds and ordered the imposition of a curfew until early on Wednesday.

China said on Monday that at least 156 people had been killed after Muslim Uighurs rioted in some of the deadliest ethnic unrest in the country for decades a day earlier.

Uighur groups say China's repressive policies combined with years of mass migration to Xinjiang by Han Chinese, China's largest ethnic group, have stoked ethnic tensions and have sowed the seeds for violence.

Volatile situation

Al Jazeera's correspondent, Melissa Chan, reporting from Urumqi, said that one group of Han Chinese, some armed with sticks, shovels and knives, had tried to break through police lines to reach a Uighur area of the city on Tuesday.

She said some groups of Han Chinese were searching cars looking for anyone they thought to be Uighur.

Some of the Han protesters were singing China's national anthem and pledging to defend their country.

Other reports have quoted Han Chinese vowing to take revenge on Uighurs they blamed for Sunday's unrest.

"They attacked us. Now it's our turn to attack them," one man in the crowd told Reuters.

The European Union called for restraint on all sides in the Xinjiang region.

"The EU expresses its strong concern over the unrest," the bloc's Swedish presidency said in a statement.

"The EU calls for restraint on all sides and for the situation to be resolved peacefully."

'Arbitrary' detentions

Earlier hundreds of ethnic Uighurs, many of them women, clashed with police as they protested against the arrest of relatives in the crackdown that followed Sunday's unrest.

Many waved the identity cards of husbands, brothers or sons they said had been arbitrarily detained.

"My husband was taken away yesterday by police. They didn't say why. They just took him away," one woman who identified herself as Maliya told Reuters.

Several objects were thrown and fighting broke out when Uighur protesters advanced towards lines of anti-riot police carrying clubs and shields.

The latest clashes came as a group of foreign reporters, including Al Jazeera's correspondent, were being taken on a tour of the city to see the aftermath of Sunday's riots.

Chinese police are reported to have arrested more than 1,400 people in a crackdown that Wang Lequan, the head of the Chinese Communist party in Xinjiang, said was intended to quell the unrest, although he warned "this struggle ... against separatism ... is far from over".

According to Chinese state media, Sunday's clashes erupted after a demonstration against the government's handling of an industrial dispute turned violent.

Exiles reject blame

The Chinese government has blamed Uighur exiles for stoking the unrest, singling out Rebiya Kadeer, a Uighur businesswoman who was jailed for years in China before being released into exile in the US where she now heads the World Uighur Congress, for "masterminding" the unrest.

"Rebiya had phone conversations with people in China on July 5 in order to incite, and websites such as and were used to orchestrate the incitement and spread of propaganda," said Nur Bekri, the governor of Xinjiang.

Kadeer, a 62-year-old mother of 11, has rejected the accusations, saying from Washington DC that they were "completely false".

"I did not organise any protests or call on the people to demonstrate," she said.

Explaining to reporters that she called her brother in Xinjiang when she learnt of the violence in Urumqi to warn her 40 relatives in the region to stay away from the demonstrations, she said: "A call I made to my brother does not mean I organised the whole event."

Activists say the clashes started when armed police moved in to break up a peaceful demonstration called after two Uighur workers at a toy factory in southern China were killed in a clash with Han Chinese staff late last month.

Kadeer said the protests in Urumqi started peacefully.

"They were not violent as the Chinese government has accused. They were not rioters or separatists," she said.

She did, however, condemn "the violent actions of some of the Uighur demonstrators", saying her organisation supported only peaceful protests.

Kita sedar & kita tahu apa yang berlaku di luar sana. walaupun bukan dari kalangan saudara sedarah sedaging kita, namun mereka juga adalah saudara seislam kita. Mereka layak dipanggil saudara dengan kita kerana mereka adalah islam.

Namun perancangan musuh amat licik. Kita seolah-olah tidak sedar bahawa peristiwa ini adalah masalah ummah & bukanlah masalah terpencil kaum tersebut.

Kita lihat hari ini, apabila berlaku suatu kezaliman keatas umat Islam, seluruh bangsa Kufar bersatu & bersekongkol seboleh mungkin menutup berita tersebut agar umat Islam tidak sedar apa yang berlaku pada saudaranya. Walaupun dalam masa-masa lain kita lihat kufar ini seolah berpuak-puak, namun apabila berhadapan dengan Islam, mereka bersatu.

Begitulah realitinya manusia hari ini yang kehilangan nilai kemanusiaannya. Apabila syaitan berjaya menghasut akal pemikirannya, maka akan lahir idea-idea yang kadang-kadang tak mungkin tercetus daripada pemikiran normal manusia untuk berbuat kejahatan.

Dalam realiti hari ini, apakah kita akan berdiam diri dengan suasana yang ada? Atau kita melihat sahaja seperti yang dilakukan oleh OOO...I...SEE? Atau kita sebukkan diri dengan berita kematian Teoh yang jatuh bangunan?

Dimana kedudukan kita?
Apa yang selayaknya kita digelar? Muslim? Mukmin?

Kemana hilangnya sensitiviti kita dalam memilih sesuatu yang lebih penting...

Mari kita bersama kembalikan maruah Islam yang sedang hanyut diratah oleh musuh-musuhnya. Kita bina diri & keluarga kita agar menjadi sel-sel perubah situasi dunia. Musuh merancang & kita juga perlu merancang dan pastinya perancangan kita perlu lebih baik daripada perancangan mereka.

Ingatlah kata-kata Saidina Ali Karamallah:

" Kebenaran yang tidak terancang akan dikalahkan oleh kebatilan yang terancang"

dan berpeganglah pada janji Allah bahawa Dia akan membantu orang-orang yang berusaha.

Wallahu alam

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